Redstone Arsenal 1974-78

  1.  Master Sergeant Donald E. Hermann
    1. Came home on leave from VN. Jumped from plane with son under 1 yr in the reserve chute container. When wife found out, went back at once to VN
    2.  Had to be careful what you said because he would produce the outcome. When I mentioned moving would be a hassle, he showed up with a truck and 2 soldiers to take care of it.
    3. Claimed to have a metal plate in his head from wound in VN.
    4. Had been court-martialed for impersonating an CCS candidate.
    5. ould give his car keys and gas credit card to Pedro Ochoa (from Texas) and tell him he needed to go home and see his family at Christmas. Ochoa was later the Command Sergeant Major for Fifth Army.
    6. Rumored to have been found dead in a field in Germany around 1973 or so.
    7. Although he was not court-martialed, Hermann was taken off the promotion list to Master Sergeant based on his doing things to take care of the the farm of COL who was the post commander. Unknowingly, I had given the legal advice to the CID agents investigating. He then called me in Atlanta asking what he might do. I referred him to Irving Starr, a retired JAG officer in DC. Starrr got Hermman an interview with an Assistant Under Secretary of the Army who said that will not happen and it did not. This was because nothing was done to the COL who was as guilty as Hermann since he knew what was being done for him. He was promoted.
  2. Marine Wrestler
    1. One of the Marines was an Olympic wrestler and extremely muscular.
    2. One day while taking the Army PT test, we saw the Marine wrestler running laps. As he ran he had a super size container of vaseline that he kept rubbing into the inside of his thighs to keep from rubbing the skin raw and bleeding.
  3. MG Crazy Larry Williams Visit
    1. CTP Bob Gammons was to pick up MGW at the airport. He had a staff car scheduled but it failed to show up so Bob picked up MGW in his POV. He apologized for the lack of a staff car with general officer flag and explained that he had informed the Protocol Office about the failure of the staff car to appear. MGW said “You called Protocol? You need to call the Chief of Staff. Why wound when you can kill?”
    2. Then MAJ Yawn had worked for Crazy Larry in the Military Justice Division, OTJAG. MGW sent back a draft opinion circling what he said was a misspelled word. MY had checked his spelling, knowing that MGW was a fanatic on such things so he took his dictionary in and showed it to him. For the next few days, MGW sent different people in the office around the Pentagon, perhaps elsewhere, looking for a dictionary to support MGW’s spelling of the word.
  4. International Car Wreck Settlement
    1. Involved students in ROC Army and students in another country’s Army
    2. I worked out a compromise and each side came in to sign mutual releases with interpreters.
    3. Received invitation to annual ROC celebration as a result.
  5. Turkey for Goose
    1. Advised foreign officer who had auto crash with a fellow countryman that he could likely sue successfully.
    2.  His reply was I do not want to win chicken and give up a turkey. His family is very influential in our country.


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