Ft McPherson


  1. CPT quit the Army. ! was sent to try to get him to come to work. He handed me his rank and branch insignia and said he quit the Army. Ended up with psychiatric discharge.
  2. COL Rector later was BG
    1. From North Carolina
  3. CPT Mike “The Real” Marchand was later MG, Asst TJAG
    1. Very tubby in those days
  4. CPT David A. “Barney” Bornhorst1.
    1. Was on Citadel basketball team with Pat Conroy. He told the VW joke in the lockeroom scene in The Lords of Discipline.
    2. Wife Maria formed belly dance group called Mystical Maria and Her Magical Maidens
    3. The Barn had a system of rumor reporting with the more fingers given the rumor the more crediblehe believed it to be.
  5. CPT Joblanski
    1. ‚ÄĚPassed over so many times I feel Jewish.”
  6. CPT John Spiller
    1. Son about Tom’s age. Died of leukemia


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