JAG Advanced 1973-74

  1. MAJ Bill Gentry
    1. Grew up in Tennessee with family unable to afford meat. Ate almost nothing but vegetables as he never developed a taste for any meat.
  2. CPT from Texas A&M (CPT Joe Healey?)
    1. Wore his Aggie belt buckle with his uniform.
    2. Came home from work one day to find his wife had left with all their furniture.
  3. Sly and the Family Stone Concert
    1. Started with dark stage and spotlight on drums. Drummer came out first by himself with prancing and twirling of drum sticks. Sat down and started drum beat. Then each member came out with more prancing and twirling of instruments. As each began to play (Dance to the Music) the volume seemed to double. Finally after some delay Sly came out with pink outfit including pimp hat with a large feather, teeth shining.
    2. At end, Sly left first with dancing moves, then each member, finally leaving just the drum beat being played by a drum machine.
  4. CPT Richard Heinz
    1. Apartment mate, had been in my Basic Class
    2. Represented Colonel Herbert
    3. Would pick up phone at odd moments and call most anyone long distance. Not cheap in those days.
  5. Dining In
    1. Major Boiler refused to pay fine. Invited anyone interested in trying to collect the fine to fight him for it
  6. Change of seating, unauthorized
    1. Done by some class members as a joke
    2. I was the only person who refused to move from my old seat.
  7. Black lawyer from Africa
    1. His country (Liberia?) was in the middle of a revolution.
    2. I gave him my Washington Post to read
    3. He left a note thanking me, as he left.
  8. International Law
    1. Finished first in the class in this subject.
  9. Kite Flying
    1.  Lady Byrd there in black limo with Secret Service. Ring of State Troopers at the base of the mountain where the flying took place.
    2. Charles Robb and Lucy? Byrd were there
    3. Robb in UVA Law School at the time
  10. Thomas Jefferson Play
    1. Picture in paper of descendant of TJ who was playing him. Amazing resemblance.
  11. The Seven Society
    1. Secret group that looks after UVA. When one dies, a bell is rung but no mention of the name of the person is made.
  12. Archibald Cox
    1. Watergate Special Counsel
    2. Came to give a talk to the law school
  13. Art Garfunkel
    1. Saw him at cashier of pizza place in Charlottesville
    2. When I pointed him out, some doubted. Member of our party got up to go ask. He waived them away saying Yea Yea It’s me, leave me alone.
  14. Legal Clerk from Ft. Jackson
    1. Ran into a former Ft Jackson legal clerk in the hall at the UVa Law School. He graduated from UVA law school in 74
    2. He had been drafted out of law school and returned.


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