Love Circle Nashville

  1. Lived on Love Circle for a summer
    1. So hard to find that even cabs went by repeatedly trying to get off Love Circle and back to their destinations.2. Played Uno, even my father played
    2. Kept owner’s parakeet that could say “Pretty Bird”
    3. I jumped into rolling car and stopped it before it hit stone wall at bottom of drive. Car left out of gearwithout parking brake being set by my mother. Oddly I had imagined it happening and planned what I would do if it happened several weeks before it did happen.
    4. Jody and I spent a lot of time burning words and designs into pine bark chunks with magnifying glass
    5. Went to Parthenon Park on Sundays. Anita Kerr Singers were there routinely
    6. Remember the explanation of the shape of the columns at the Parthenon which makes them appear parallel


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