Junior High School

  1.  Staying home sick
    1. Programs on radio: Arthur Godfrey and his Breakfast Club; Just Plain Bill; Stella Dallas; Queen for a Day 2. Don’t let me hear you say that again kid
  2. Neal Cross to Bob Getsinger after Bob said Neal had been involved in some illegal activity.
    1. Neal lifted Bob off the ground as he warned him.
  3. Cecil Caine chased into boy’s rest room by group of girls
  4. Drug paraphernalia (hypodermic needle and bottles) found in shrubs near the school.
  5. Mayme Kennard
    1. Home room teacher one of the years
    2. PE teacher with nothing but bad traits, religious fanatic
  6. Let Mrs. Glover, homeroom teacher one of the two years, talk me into playing the school principal in a school play.
  7. Played in jazz band organized by Jim Beasley for talent show. Beasley eventually went to Davidson where he played football and then went on to Harvard Law School. Beasley in Fla last I heard


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