505 Imperial Drive

  1. Dogs
    1. Old Speck
    2. Queen
    3. Young Speck
      1. From Queen and Old Speck
    4. Dan
      1. Rhyman Setter
    5. Blackie
      1. I waded into a pond to pull Blackie out when he appeared to be drowning
      2. When let in the house, used to go to the bed where I slept and sit on the floor after I left home in 68.
    6. Luttrels
      1. Father J.E. but was called “Red”
        1. Had to quit school to help on farm before learned to multiply. Later taught himself to do so by taking cover off a hand actuated calculator. He would line up the numbers and add them like a calculator in order to multiply.
      2. Bobby, Helen, Joe, Arbie Lee, Ann and Dan (twins), and Wanda
    7. Moped
      1. Broke it in in a single day with the children riding one after another
    8. Wanda
      1. Married at 14 to Charles Curtis
      2. Had been chasing people around on the street with a broom the week before she wed
    9. Dan-Ann’s twin
      1. Parents in pee wee football had a meeting to protest Dan playing with their children. He was too strong, broke helmets, etc.
      2. Could drop a transmission onto his stomach and roll out from under the car with it on his stomach.
    10. Arbie Lee
      1. Wounded in VN
      2. Served in VN as radio man, a very important and demanding job
    11. Bobby
      1. Truck driver in Memphis
      2.  Died of cancer in the 80s
    12.  Ann Dan’s twin
      1. Went to Memphis to work for the phone company upon HS graduation
    13. Joe
      1. Was very serious and kept to himself.
    14. Jody
      1. While running full speed through a back yard at night, ran into a clothes line which caught him on the bridge of his nose just above his eyes. His feet flipped up in front over his head as he crashed to the ground.
      2.  Developed histoplasmosis from crawling through caves.
      3. Spent much of his time at the horse stables with Terry Strickland and others.
      4. Terry’s grandfather was “Ole Red” McLaughlin who had a country music band and a radio show on WOWL. His real name was said to be “Pansy Nell McLauglin.
      5. Converted a motor scooter to look like a Cushmond Eagle by moving the gas tank between the seat and handlebars.
      6. I rode the scooter once to the Veterinarian’s up the hill. That was all for me.
      7.  Had a Ford Falcon convertible, black.
      8. While backing a boat into the water, his breaks failed and the car was dragged into the water. He said the lights kept burning under the water but the engine quit. He was able to get it running again.
      9. Worked as a delivery person for a drug store in North Florence.
      10. Friends were Larry Marshall, Barry Gilbert, Terry Strickland, Dan Young, Steve Hopkins,
      11. Girl friends included Britta Hughes, Mary Thomas McCarly, Веска Alexander, Nannette Jackson (“Miss Southern Bell” to Jody because she called him so often while flying about the country as a stewardess for Southern Airlines.)
    15. Mitchells
      1. Edwin and Becky were their children
      2. Becky and Doug Zahn went to Molton at about age 16 and were married
      3. Mr. Mitchell swore he would kill Doug when he was 21. They ended up hunting and fishing buddies.
      4. Edwin became a policeman in Florida.
    16.  Zahns
      1.  Hilda and Zeke
      2. Sons Phil and Doug
      3. Zeke worked at Reynolds and sold houses. Was also a stock car race driver
      4.  Zeke later bought our house at 505 Imperial when we sold it
    17. Wells
      1. Donnie and sister, Karen?
      2. The sister was known to us as “Bicycle Girl” because she always was riding her bicycle.
    18.  Shoftners
      1. Mrs. Shoftner’s mother once walked over to where my father and I were sitting on the curb. We stood as she approached, at which point she looked at my father and said “I thought you were a much larger man.” He replied that he was not far from 6 feet tall and weighed very near 200 pounds.
      2. Mrs. Shoftner was a Monroe of Monroe Business Machines in Huntsville
      3. Walks around the block
      4. One 5 or 6 year old would ride his bicycle at me and duck down over the handbars. I would jump into the air at the last minute and he would pass beneath me.
      5. Those under 6 or so would ask me what my name was. I would tell them I had forgotten and check my pocket. At that point I would say that I had lost my name and ask for help in finding it. We would look on the ground for several minutes before giving up.
    19. Weights
      1. 2 or 3 of us pooled our weights at Dickie Sanderson’s garage.
      2. Dan Luttrel did not bother to lift weights but would stop by occasionally and lift any weight effortlessly.
    20. Kilby – Second (Miss Cox) and Third (Mrs. Poppageorge) Grades
      1. Free play and directed play
      2. Johnny Rosenbaum wrote a play we performed
      3. I played a guard with one line: You may pass
      4. Can recall taking a standardized test asking what “The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew” was about.
      5. Kickball
        1. Bill Marks, Pratt Smith, and I would play against all who wanted to be on the other team
      6. Rhythm Band
      7. Room Chairman and “Sharing”
      8. School Newspaper
        1. Wrote a poem “Mr. Clickety Clack” for the paper
      9. Gilbert Fourth (Mrs. Herring) and Fifth (Mrs. Pittman) Grades
      10. May Day Celebration
        1. Had a May Pole
      11. Fourth Grade
        1. Were in WWI barracks with coal stove
        2. JB Franklin, one of the larger pupils, was in charge of stoking the stove during the day
        3.  Late to safety patrol for a good reason beyond my control. Quit when told had to be on time or quit. Teacher, Ms Burrows, tried to get me to return. Refused to do so.
      12. Henry Grady Richards
        1. Told ghost stories to classes, grades and whole school
        2.  Umpired softball games between the classes. Teams were voted by the girls in each class. I was on the teams and was one of the very few to hit a softball over the wall surrounding the playground.
        3. Led walks to Blue Cliff, several miles from school.
        4. Put personal comments on every report card on end of school year. One year mine was “Grand in so many ways.”
        5. Argument with JB Franklin about who could run over the other. Each to opposite ends of playground and ran together with lowered heads. Neck still not quite the same.


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