Ft Sam Houston

  1. City Zoo
    1. One of our favorite places. Went there almost weekly.
  2. Zarzamora
    1. Dividing line in SA
    2. Once we crossed it by accident. A low rider car pulled up beside us driven by a thugish looking guy with a bandana. The steering wheel was welded chain.
  3. Pisano’s Restaurant
    1. Owner had photo recall for faces. When you came in, he just said “How many?” and did not even have a pencil and paper. He then went from group to group saying “Party of xxx, come with me.”
    2. Shrimp Pisano was a speciality.
  4. Movie – Cloak and Dagger
    1.  Shot in SA while we were there. Scenes in a computer shop we went to periodically.
    2.  The night they shot the scene where a plane blows up at the airport, we thought there had been a real crash.
  5. CPT Jefferey Addicott
    1. While in law school would step aside and catch hunting knives thrown at him from 10 or 20 feet away.
    2. Medal for disarming a drunken soldier at a bar in Berlin.
    3. Set up by a female soldier in a Law of War class who asked him AFTER class what his personal opinion was of women in the military. His reply was that he thougth they were a liability in battle and he did not want to have his life depend on one. She filed a complaint claiming sexual discrimination. I got to investigate it. My report was that he said it but it was a personal conversation that could not be the basis for any adverse action. My report was accepted.
    4. I proof read his book on Biblical prophesy, from grammar, not content.
    5. Later in Special Forces jobs during which time he temporarily disappeared from personnel listings. Likely with the CIA.
    6. LLM and JSD from UVA
    7. Professor at St Mary’s Law School in San Antonio
    8. On CNN or FOX as terrorism expert
  6. CPT Art Reynolds
    1. Would go to a multi-screen theater and sneak from show to show while paying only once
    2. Generally obnoxious
  7. Female Doctor in Fashion Boots on maneuvers in the foothills
    1. Wore fatigues with fashion black boots with high heels
    2. Could not find her combat boots
  8. Studio B
    1. Live tv shows (no scripts or teleprompters) that were broadcast across the country and watched by both military and civilian hospital staff.
    2. One show that I “created” used a series of skits to demonstrate the regulation that regulated “standards of conduct,” covering such things as taking gifts from contractors. The Gen in charge of the Academy of Health Sciences called our division chief and told him that we needed more shows like that.
  9. Harley (Chopper) Warren
    1. Lived across from us in Eden subdivision. Worked in AF career management. Sent himself to assignment with UN peacekeeper force in Lebanon. Wife and child went with him.
    2.  Saw “crawler” on cable news channel announce that a jeep had been blown up by a mine in Lebanon. Among those killed was listed Chopper Warren.
    3.  Marilynn called a friend of Chopper’s wife to tell her. The friend decided to call another friend who decided to call Chopper’s wife in Lebanon.
    4. Chopper’s wife answered with everything fine as she did not know yet. Suddenly she said someone was at the door. It was the notification team coming to tell her of Chopper’s being killed.
  10.  Joe Neurauter
    1. Had a brother who was also a CPT but was in the AF. They did not agree on how to pronounce their last name.
    2. Calf would come from the brother saying “This is CPT Noywriter (phonetic)” I would like to speak with CPT New writer (phonetic).”
  11. COL Comeau
    1. Was SJA for Health Services Command.
    2. Was the lawyer for the Calley investigation in VN. Was walking down the hall at the Pentagon when someone chased him down and said he had to go home and pack his combat gear to go to VN left with 24 hours.
  12. COL Dudzik
    1. Procurement specialist
    2. Liked to pop a super hot jawbreaker into his mouth (with no reaction) and offer one to an unsuspecting person. Most thought their mouth had been set on fire.


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