1. Winky Dink
  1. 1. Winky Dink and you have a lot of fun together
  2. 2. Plastic sheet to put on screen to allow you to draw a bridge to save Winky
  1. 2. Pinky Lee
  1. 1. Precursor of Pee Wee Herman
  2. 2. Ya Hoo , it’s me, my name is Pinky Lee. With a checkered hat and a checkered coat, a silly laugh like a billy goat, put them all together and it’s who Pinky Lee
  1. 3. Cactus Quave
  1. 1 Cowboy children’s show host on WIS TV in Columbia
  2. 2 . Lived near us in the Wales Garden Apts. We saw him going to and from work in his cowboy outfit.
  1. 4. Test Patterns
  1. 1. Indian in headdress
  1. 5. Stations signed on and off
  2. 6. Drug stores had tube testers for radio and TVs. 6BQ6 was a power tube that seemed to burn out frequently.


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