Radio programs

  1. Had crystal set with headset that picked up only WMFT (later WOWL). Set was largely built by Billy Conor. I did a little of the work.
  2. 2. Listened to Birmingham Barons games. Some were read from teletype machine which you could hear running in the background. Catcher Lou Berberette was very good.
  3. 3. Bobby Benson and the B Bar B Riders
  1. 1. Windy Wales, Teller of Tall Tales
  2. 2. Galloped to the rescue yelling “B Bar B”
  1. 4. Sky King
  1. 1. Rancher with an airplane
  1. 5. Space Patrol
  1. 1. Commander Buzz Corey
  2. 2. Cadet Happy
  3. 3. Money was called “space credits.”
  4. 4. Opened with “Travel into the future with Commander Buzz Corey, commander in chief of the Space Patrol”
  1. 6. Suspense Theater
  1. 1. Tales well calculated to keep you in suspense.
  2. 2. Heard radio version of The Birds years before the movie
  1. 7. Gangbusters
  1. 1. Opened with machine gun fire and screeching brakes.
  1. 8. The Shadow
  1. 1. Lamont Cranston, who while traveling in the Orient, learned the secret of how to cloud men’s minds.”
  2. 2. What evil lurks in the hearts of men, the Shadow knows, ha ha etc
  1. 9. Big John and Sparky
  1. 1. March time, march around the house
  2. 2. Inspection time, boys against the girls
  3. 3. Land of Leprachans
  1. 10. Our Miss Brooks (Eve Arden)
  2. 11. Ozzie and Harriett (Naming everyone all the time to let you know who was present – “Hi Mom, Hi Dave, Hi Rick.”)
  3. 12. Jack Benny
  4. 13. Bob and Ray
  1. 1, Bob Elliot and Ray Goulding
  2. 2. Afternoon radio show that was humrous
  1. 14. Soap Operas, etc – On days we were sick and stayed home from school
  1. 1. Queen for A Day
  2. 2. Stella Dallas
  3. 3. Just Plain Bill
  4. 4. Arthur Godfrey’s Breakfast Club
  1. 15. You Are There
  1. 1. Covered historic events as though a radio reporter was there. “We are near Tours, France, and I think I see Charles Martel coming this way. Yes, it is him. Can we have a word with you?”


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