1. 1. Margarine was the original butter substitute and was white when you bought it. It came with a small bag of yellow coloring that you broke and squeezed/massaged into the white mass to make it look like butter.
  2. Milk came in glass bottles with a cardboard stopper at the mouth. It was not homogenized so the cream would float to the top and create a sort of snow on the mountain top effect.
  3.  In Cope (pre 1950), we had a meat grinder that was turned by hand to make ground beef. The grinder mounted on a table or counter using a screw clamping system.
  4.  Most weekends we had banana sandwiches made from bread, peanut butter, salad dressing, bananas, and bacon. Elvis is said to have eaten something similar that he fried. We did no frying. I recall putting one sandwich down on the Sunday comics and noticing a strange taste. It turned out that it had soaked up the colored ink from the comics. I avoided that from then on.


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