Cumberland Law School

  1. Cumberland 1966-68
  1. William Haney
    1. Started publication that became Cumberland Law Review in time
    2. I wrote article for it saying UCC stood for Universal Communist Conspiracy and it was taken as a serious commentary by a Cuban refugee law student
    3. Later taught at Pepperdine Law School
    4. Died in 2001
    5. Had photo recall and typed his exams with verbatim excerpts and a table of cases cited. Like a machine. People vowed never to type exam in same room with him again
  2. Dean Weeks
    1. Known as Circle Bird based on his never really coming down on one side or the other
  3. Commander Hughes
    1. Retired Navy. Had two sons in law school
    2. Large Florida contingent
    3. “As we say in the Keys, he caught you drifting.”
  4. Herman Cobb
    1. Constructive pass in Income Tax. When called on to recite a case he first said “Here.” Then he said “You want me to give a case?” “You want me to give the case of v ?” “Pass”
  5. Sarah Maddox
    1. During the Corporations exam, a male student read a particularly obtuse question and muttered that the professor was a sorry SOB
    2.  Sarah chimed in with “He sure is.” She did not want to say the words but readily agreed.
  6. Shadow Carter
    1. So called because he always followed the teacher into and out of the classroom.
  7. Mrs. Rogers, landlord
    1. I lived in a room in her house. Two pharmacy students lived in her basement. One was Danny Williamson and the other was Wayne Coefield. Coefield was later the owner of a pharmacy on Whitesbury near Huntsivile Hospital. He died in 2006 or so.
    2. Was reading Robert Ruark’s “Poor No More” one day when Mrs. Rogers saw the book and commented noting that t was reading “Bobby’s book.” Ruark had been the paperboy who delivered the paper to her and her husband in Wilmington, NC. She asked if I had come to the seen where a man chases a prowler through the neighborhood. When I told her I had, she informed me that this was a real event and that her husband had been the one doing the chasing in the real life event.


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