232 Wildwood Park Road

  1. Wessons
    1.  Mother would yell to daughter, Francis, ”Fran Cease, go tell Miz Dunmire to come down and get herself a mess of greens.”
  2. . Crowders
    1.  Lived next door, ran dry cleaners
  3. Phillips
    1. Lived next door
    2. Jimmy, my age, and older brother made wine in their garage
  4. Dunmires
  5. Quigleys
    1. Gail, my age
    2. Two brothers, Johnny and ?
  6. Benjamin 310 Pellet (,177)/BB Guns
    1. Jody and I would throw up film cans in the back yard and shoot them in the air with our pellet guns.
  7. Speck Old Speck
    1. Very strong and smart bird dog, rip rap pointer, often mistaken for a Dalmation
    2. Would untangle his chain using his paws and mouth.
    3. Would walk to end of his chain, take and step back, and lunge forward breaking it.
    4. Would lie in the curb at intersection by Gargis Grocery to wait for Jody to come home from school. Car ran over his foot there once and he just looked up and barked once.
  8. Basketball Goal on Tree in Backyard
    1. Jumped to knock ball from net and came down on sloping tree root making my ankle turn and snap loudly. No trip to doctor but very swollen.
  9. Windshield
    1. Jody and I helped out one morning by using rocks to scrape the frost off the windows in the car
    2. Front windshield in particular was badly scratched.
  10. Basement Fall
    1. My mother fell coming down the steps to the basement where I was looking in vain for something.
    2. Broke her arm. Never really recovered. Around 2002 or so the bones in the arm had shifted so badly that one severed a tendon in her forearm. She always referred to it as “My poor old arm.”
  11. The Rifle and Pistol Club met at the National Guard Armory on Tues.
    1. Red Skelton came on Tuesday night. I hated to miss this show, it was my mother’s Tuesday Nights favorite program.
      1. Life of Riley
      2. TV program with William Bendix. One of the few show my father liked.
        1. Bendix was always concerned about going bowling. Wife was “Peg.”
        2.  Bendix was always saying “What a revoltin’ development this is!”


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