WBW Jr’s Grandmother Woodward Memories

  1. Played the piano for me. Two songs I recall are “My Alice Blue Gown” and “It’s Three O’Clock in the Morning.”
  2. Taught me how to tat.
  3. Pronounced “room” as “rum” and “roof’ as “ruff’ with a short “u” as in “up.”
  4. Liked little moron jokes but pronounced “Moron” with the accent on the second syllable.
  5. Suffered from postpartum depression after birth of a daughter (Tillie). Tillie was adopted by the Brice family who ran Brice’s Store in Woodward, SC. Mr. Brice’s wife was Grandmother W’s sister. Grandfather W always spoke to my father of “your cousin, Tillie Brice.” I am not sure if he did that to distinguish a cousin of that name from his sister or what.
  6. She was the nice grandmother.
  7. She died in her sleep (heart attack I believe) at home when we lived at 232 Wildwood Park Rd , later known as Edgewood Drive. Barbara Carmack stayed at the house with Jody and me while my parents went to SC for the funeral.


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