Sister’s House Memories

  1. Out house/chamber pots only for many years
  2. 2. Water came from a well with a hand pump for years
  3. 3. Had bell to ring to call workers in from fields for lunch
  4. 4. I picked some cotton there that I put into a crocus sack that hung from a strap over one soldier.
  5. 5. Listened to black workers singing songs as “chopped cotton” (weeding with hoes).
  6. 6. Cousin Johnny
  1. 1. Rode calves as if they were horses
  2. 2. Would outrun the police by taking chances in his car that they would not take. So they would just go to his house and wait for him to come home.
  3. 3. Drove a school bus
  4. 4. Would kill robins for a maid who liked to make robin pie
  5. 5. Would ”fish” by dropping dynamite into the stream that ran through the farm
  1. 7. Cousin Jimmy
  1. 1. Also drove a school bus
  1. 8. Cousin Patsy
  1. 1. Was selected as Miss Fun in the Sun at Myrtle Beach.
  2. 2. Her talent was lip synching some song.
  1. 9. Flour Sacks
  1. 1. Flour was purchased in large cloth sacks which were decorated with floral prints.
  2. 2. The sacks were used to make sun dresses and such.


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