1. Jody Scars
  1. 1. Gut my left hand in two places using a broken glass towel rack. Not sure how he was able to get at it. Scars still there on back of hand and on inside of wrist.
  2. 2. Stabbed me in the stomach with a Tinker Toy stick (had slot in each end). Scar still there as moved higher over the years as I grew taller.
  1. 3. Scar on left wrist
  1. 1. Cut it on a broken Coca Cola bottle hidden in the grass at the base of a bush in Richard Conwell’s yard. Was reaching for a baseball when encountered the broken glass.
  1. 4. Scar on left little finger
  1. 1. Threw a tin can into the air and hit it twice with my Mossburg. Then made the mistake of catching the can which had jagged metal from the exit hole of the two bullets. Sliced my finger open.


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