Near death events

  1. Almost died of malaria at around age 4
  2. 2. Head on crash riding in Chev Monza (rear engine car) which hit a Roadmaster Buick in 1964 on Brush Creek Road.
  1. 3. Riding in Ford Falcon with Charlie Ball driving in the rain on the way to Birmingham. Suddenly hydroplaned and spun around in the road crossing into the other lane of traffic. Luckily no one was coming at us. 1966
  2. 4. Hunting rats with a pistol near gravel pit. Pistol (a Hi-Standard Olympic target pistol with a very light trigger pull) went off right by my ear. 1958
  3. 5. Riding with Joe Collins on the way back from NYU in the snow and ice. Car spun around more than once and stopped on edge of a sheer drop off. 1971


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