McMaster Elementary – Sixth Grade

My teacher was Mrs. Moltz. Her family had driven The Pan American Highway recently and we got to see her pictures. She also had a lot of information regarding the Incas, Mayas, and Toltecs.

McMaster was the school for the Carolina and Epworth Orphanages. My father declined an offer of an exception to avoid our going to an inferior school. Some of my classmates were around 16 years old. I remember “Jeep” Russell, Billy Hubbard, Billy Booker, Billy Casson, Zack Irick, Vernon Atkinson, and David Lorick. Vernon was in the first grade with me. Zack was on FB at one time.

We often walked home to the Wales Garden Apartments where we lived. Those apartments were near Enoree Street where we liged when in the First Grade.


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