JAG Basic 1968

  1.  Mount JAGEX
    1. Covered furniture, stacked chairs in room of CPT Powers with sheets and put a sign on highest stack saying “Mt. JAGEX.”
  2. Joe Collins across the hall – Distant cousin. Did not know it at the time
  3. CPT Ed Cooperman
    1. Wife Judy. Daughter Dori Lynn2. Later assigned with me at USMA
    2. Later in charge of American Express Credit Card operations in the US, member of committee to restore the Statue of Liberty, on Ohio State Bd of Trustees,
    3. At City College of NY with Simon and Garfunkle who put on annual musical reviews.
  4. Spring Butt Bingo
    1. CPT Henry Karlson was free space
    2. Later a MJ. Allowed to resign after testifying as bad character witness in case involving accused who lived in his apt complex. When he heard Def App was raising error based on his appearing as a witness in aggrevation when he was a sitting MJ, he called Def App and lectured the lawyer there about how he certainly considered that before he testitfied and that raising this was an outrage. Allowed to resign.
    3. Now a law professor at Indiana Law School
  5. CPT Powers
    1. Very gullible. Someone had him paged at a bar and told him that there was an alert at the School and he had to report to the Duty Officer in fatigues. He did.


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