Greengate Montessori School

I remember the goats and the rabbits. At some point racoons got into the rabbit pen and ate them. I spent a recess going around looking for clues as to how it happened and “tracking” the rabbits’ attempted escape although now I’m pretty sure they were eaten in the pen.

I also remember a rope swing tied to an oak tree. Twice, I went out pretty far and the rope twisted so I couldn’t see the tree. It, unhelpfully, twisted back around in time for me to slam head first into the tree. This resulted in stitches. Twice.

I think Katherine hit her head on a large wooden spool that was on the playground and managed to get stitches as well.

I can remember polishing leaves as practical work and doing a really extensive dinosaur timeline at the big house.

Once I kicked a fire ant hill and one of the teachers talked to me about not destroying nature and that has stuck with me.

One of the teachers had a boyfriend who worked on the oil pumps somewhere and I can recall a conversation about how many rattlesnakes there were. I think he had a rattlesnake belt and maybe boots as a result.

Mrs. Gary was the head of the school but I can’t recall any other names.

My mother went back there many years later and talked to her.


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