Ft Jackson – Second Time

  1. COL Boiler
    1. Was at The JAG School when I was there in the Advanced Class. At a dining in (formal dinner) he lit a cigar before the smoking lamp was lit by the president of the mess. For that he was fined and the president of the mess sent “Mr. Vice” to collect the fine. Boiler said he was not paying anybody any fine and he would be happy to fight anyone who thought they could take the money from him.
    2. Came to Ft Jackson to replace COL Chip Haight who had been at WP with me. Came from Ft Polk where he had been exiled more or less. TJAG sent Boiler when the Ft. J CG demanded a new SJA. Boiler was to teach the CG the lesson that you better take who you are given or you will get somebody you like even less.
    3. Refused to attend C&GS in residence
    4. This refusal resulted in a note in “other file” saying do not promote. The other file was an unofficial personnel file that OTJAG kept on people. I never saw mine, few ever did.
    5. Friend let him copy the file with the note saying not to promote. Did this by saying: I can’t tell you I have your other file on my desk and you know you couldn’t see it if I could tell you that. Right now I need to go talk to a buddy for 20 minutes or so. My desk is right by the copy machine.
    6. Promoted on reconsideration and sent to Ft Polk
    7. Sent to Jackson because the CG called TJAG and said I want another lawyer (to replace Chip Haight I was stationed with at USMA). To teach the CG a lesson they sent Boiler, known to be hard to deal with.
    8.  Read novels with lights off in his office. Said he was not going to waste the taxpayers’ money on electricity for him to read novels but at the same time he was not going to do make work. His job, he said, was killing elephants (solving big problems) and his deputy, Joe Rivest, would take care of everything else.
    9. Boiler ran in the mornings before work with the HQs staff. One day the Chief of Staff asked him when the lawyers were going to join the group in their runs. Boiler replied: “You get the docs here for morning runs and I’ll get the lawyers.” We never ran while Boller was the SJA.
    10. Arrested by MPs for gambling with subordiantes at Law Day picnic. Arrest was based on playing penny poker with CPTs in the office. Turned in by CPT ?? who was a WP graduate.
  2. COL Brown
    1. Was the Terry Brown Marilynn had for years talked about living near them in TX
    2. Immediately required us to make the morning runs of 3 to 5 miles. Would also do pushups, etc in grass breaking through the frost.
    3. Vowed he would never use a computer. WO Taylor put golf game on the computer and after a few months Brown asked to be shown how to type a draft on the Word Processor. Then he began printing his own drafts.
  3. The Hulk
    1. CPT Hilbert had played tackle for an Ivy League college, Princeton I believe. Very large, hence the Hulk. He and Provost Marshall (who played football for Jacksonville State Univ) were highly competitive to max the PT test. Thier push ups were nowhere close to legit
    2. Sat down at Sombrerro Dip Marilynn made and ate most of it himself.
    3. Web Site: http://www.hilbertlawgroup.com/jimhilbert.htm
  4. Local Bar Association Presentation
    1. I participated in a local bar presentation regarding obtaining child and spousal support from military members One of the lawyers on the panel was a lady that was once my Cousin Jimmy Young’s wife. I am not sure she ever knew who I was.
  5.  Client Killed by Husband
    1. Wife came to see me in Legal Assistance saying her husband who was at Ft. Campbell was threatening her. I told her about court orders, writing to husband’s commander, moving in with her parents, changing locks on doors, asking police to patrol, etc.
    2. A few weeks later, she was killed by her husband after he broke into her parents’ house where she was then living.
  6. Divorce Lawyer
    1.  l am the best and I am the most expensive.
    2.  You will have to write me a history of your marriage starting from the day you met your husband
    3. You will have to hire a private detective to follow your husband 24 hours a day


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