Ft. Jackson 8 GI Anti-VN War Group

2.  My clients were:
1.             Tommy Woodfin
2.             Andrew Pulley
1. Pulley later ran for President on Socialist Workers Party ticket in early 70s
2. I saw a poster soliciting votes for himand his campaign literature at NYU while there for a class at NYU Law School. He was speaking in NYC.
3.    Civilian Lawyers were:
1.             Leonard Boudin – New York His daughter, Kathy, one of Weathermen faction; house blew up in Greenwich Village while
making bombs, years later part of gang robbing Nanuet NJ shopping mall
2.             David Rein – DC
3.             Peter Rindskopf – Atlanta or NY
4.             Charles Morgan – Atlanta. Black lawyer who looked much like a genie.


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